Need a car for a graduation gift?

Don’t meet strangers in unfamiliar places or rely on the honesty of a complete stranger.  C.A.R.E. AUTO AUCTION  provides a safe environment for buyers and sellers.  We guarantee the checks from buyers and the titles from sellers.  Same day pay.  95% of all vehicles sold at a car dealership came from an auction.  Now you can buy directly from that auction!

Weekly Public Auction

Auction Every Saturday Night!
6:30 PM Until the Last Car Sells

Come Join Us!

Watch for Upcoming Auctions

Absolute Auction 10 Vehicles-Guaranteed to Sell to the Last Bidder-For Less Than a Grand

Real Sellers, Real Buyers

Sell your car & get paid the same day

Buyers are willing to compete for your vehicle
High percentage sold last Saturday
Watch for our next 10 vehicles to be sold to the last bidder
In a few weeks, in addition to our regular 100 cars, we will offer 10 vehicles at absolute auction
Guaranteed to sell for LESS THAN A GRAND!

Pre-Auction Purchases

You Can Buy It Now on Many Cars
Call Us: 765-674-7768

Just call or Stop by For Details

We offer a number of cars on site that you can purchasepre-auction, without waiting for the auction.

These cars are limited and the inventory is always changing.

If you are looking for a car and don’t want to wait for the auction come check out our “buy it now” before the auction starts prices.